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Image by Bernard Hermant

Carpet Repair

Repair Not Replace!

Carpet Repairs are one of our specialist services, we use the most advanced techniques and methods to provide the best results possible to our clients.

Our goal is to salvage your carpet, saving you hundreds if not thousands on the cost of replacing it. In addition, the cost of the repair will not only save you money but also the hassle of removing all your furniture to allow the new carpet to be installed. Most carpet repairs are so good you won’t see them; others may be slightly visible.

The carpet repairs have great strength and are strong enough to withstand daily usage, vacuuming and professional carpet cleaning.

What we can repair:

  • Burns (Hair Straighteners, Iron, Cigarette, Wood/Coal Fire)

  • Bleach Spot

  • Furniture Removal (Fireplace, Radiator)

  • Pet Damage

  • Permanent Stains

  • Rips, Holes & Cuts

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carpet repair 2.PNG
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